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Movie Mex Classic Film Restoration

HD Conversion

Digital Remastering

Color Correction


Movie Mex International is dedicated to high definition (HD) digital re-mastering and restoration of classic and contemporary films from Mexico, using a cutting-edge scanning process that reinvigorates our film assets for today’s HD world. Movie Mex is proud to license its content to prestigious players in the industry such as Olympusat, Venevision, DLA and MundoFox.



  • Transformation of classic and contemporary 16mm

and 35mm films to high-definition.


  • Scanning at 11 fps for 2K, 35mm full aperture

images that is not only efficient, but also provides

the unique scanning capability to generate

simultaneous outputs of DPX and QuickTime files

in virtually any Codec.


  • Films are thoroughly analyzed, cleaned then 

scanned into an HD 2K or 4K formats that enables

our content to be repurposed into a High-

Definition (HD) 1080 format output.



  • Our film library undergoes Emmy award winning DaVinci Resolve color

correction system, the standard in post-production

since 1984 and DaVinci Revival, the world’s leading

film restoration software.


CURRENT TIME RESTORING: Our current man hours per film are approximately 372 hours.  This costs Movie Mex about $41,500 per film. These hours include the following:

  • 10 hours for preparation and cleaning

  • 12 hours to scan

  • 240 hours to restore

  • 60 hours to color correct

  • 50 hours to restore and sync the sound

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