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Mexican cinema led the Spanish-language film markets during more than fifty years. 


Latin American tongues, customs, traditions and music had an ideal vehicle in those 


poignant dramas, hilarious comedies, and enthralling adventures.


At the peak of its popularity, more than 600 venues screened Mexican films on a 


regular basis in the United States; in other countries, like Colombia, its annual grosses 


beat Hollywood’s more than once.


Mexican movies were watched not only in the Americas and in Europe; they also met 


success in farther nations, such as Lebanon and Turkey. In Yugoslavia they became the 


population’s entertainment of choice; even now, there are some mariachi bands in the 


region that are a live testimony of Mexican cinema’s cultural influence. In Hong Kong 


and Japan, masked wrestler movies have been worshipped by fans, and some are now 


considered as cult films.


The Mexican film industry reunited the greatest talents of the Spanish-speaking world 


and built the most powerful star system in Latin America. Its stars have become 


legends that still fascinate new generations of movie aficionados.


Spectators continue enjoying those memorable films, while TV sitcom and telenovela 


producers seek inspiration in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.


MOVIE MEX joins up the cinematographic art of yesteryear with the most advanced 


technology to meet modern-day high standards. Today we are the pioneer company 


in presenting Mexican classic and cult films in HD. Our generation will be the first 


in having the chance to watch those movies in the full splendor of their magnificent 


cinematography; their breathtaking landscapes, and superbly designed sets. We will 


enjoy voices and music; special effects and the arresting presence of the big stars like 


never before. The HD experience, whether in the refined black and white chiaroscuro 


or in an exuberant color palette, will allow us to rediscover the precious Mexican cinema of


the golden days.

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